FAQs Preventive Wellness Plans for Dogs, Cats and Community Dogs

  • What is a pet wellness plan?

       > Wellness plans are smart and affordable year-long packages of high-quality, essential preventive veterinary care designed to support your pet’s health

  • What’s the difference between pet insurance and wellness plans?

      >Wellness plan cover routine preventive care while insurance covers the costs of unexpected/ unforeseen injuries and ailments. 

  • What is preventative pet care? Do you need a pet wellness plan?

      >Preventive veterinary care is vital for keeping your pet healthy. They can help your pet avoid serious health complications that are unpleasant, painful,             stressful and expensive to treat.

        In many instances you are already doing this or intend to, we make it hassle free and  timely by providing you reminders. Furthermore, you save totals              costs, receive discounts on pet store products, other clinical services and free enrollment in our loyalty rewards

  • Are there different types of pet wellness plans?

       >We offer a range of plans designed for different needs, breeds, ages, and lifestyles from fuzzy puppies/ kitty’s to senior statescats/               statesdogs from energetic youthful paws to laid-back wise senior paws.  

  • What do pet wellness plans cover?

      >Our plans range from basic essential preventive care such vaccinations, tick/flee treatment, virtual and physical vet consultation to                comprehensive wholesome care that includes grooming, blood tests and extensive range of diagnostics (e.g., Cardiac, Opthalmic,                Orthopedic tests )

  • How can a pet wellness plan help your finances?

      >Wellness plans help in early detection as a result are likely to avoid serious health complications that are acute, stressful and expensive to treat. Annual            plans are discounted Plus you receive other perks such discounts on range of products from our pet store as well as other clinical services. Plus, you are          automatically enrolled in our loyalty rewards program.

  • What is microchipping and why is it important?

       >A tiny microchip implant can help give you peace of mind beyond a collar and tag because vets and shelters routinely scan for a microchip in recovered          pets In case your pet is lost, it is crucial that he/she has proper identification to increase the chances of your paws being returned to you. Though collars          and ID tags can be helpful, they aren’t always a reliable form of identification since they can easily fall off or become hard to read over time, leaving your          beloved pet among the other unidentified lost strays at shelters. This can easily be prevented by the use of microchips.