Pet Grooming Services in Delhi

It’s finally spring, and if you haven’t gotten into a pet grooming routine yet, now is a great time to start. Many dogs shed their coats on a seasonal basis. Dogs with thick winter coats will begin to shed their hair in spring bloom after a long winter.

Shedding becomes more common in the spring as dogs shed their winter coats. If the constant shedding is driving you insane, you’ll appreciate these helpful spring and summer grooming tips.

We’ll explain why spring is an excellent time to consider professional pet grooming for your dog or cat.

We’ve created a list of grooming tips to assist you in getting your dog ready for spring.

  1. Brushing will make them feel brighter.

Brushing your pet’s hair regularly (weekly for short hair, every few days for medium hair, and every day for long hair) helps remove loose hairs and prevents tangling. If you come across tangles or mats, forcing a brush through them can be painful for your dog, so bring him in to be groomed by a professional.

  • Consistent grooming will keep them feeling light and breezy.

Grooming your dog’s coat, whether it’s short, medium, or long, is the best way to keep it healthy and happy.  With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s time to cut your dog’s hair short. A shorter cut not only makes it easier to see insect bites, ticks, and skin irritations, but it also makes it easier to treat them. If you’re bringing them in for grooming so they can be bathed, blown out, their ears cleaned, and their nails clipped, make sure to ask the groomer to use a skin-soothing conditioning product.

  • Protection from the sun.

This is extremely important for dogs with short hair. However, when bathing and trimming dogs, make sure to inform all pet owners that the sun can be harmful to their skin. Pet owners should use pet-approved sunscreen to protect their dog’s skin and coat to keep it healthy and shiny. Don’t forget to protect your dog from the sun as you prepare them for the warmer months!

  • Give them a regular bath.

Bathing helps in the removal of pollen and other allergens from the skin that are active during the spring season. This will benefit both you and your dog’s health! Bathing and drying with a blow dryer will help loosen the hair and remove a lot of the excess so it doesn’t get all over your house! A shampoo and conditioning treatment, followed by proper drying, will loosen a lot of hair.

Because the condition of your dog’s coat is an indicator of overall health, here are four quick tips to help you care for their coats as the seasons change.