pawxie preventive wellness plan for puppies

Who can opt for this plan?

Puppies Age: 0-11 months

Validiy- 1 Year from date of purchase

What do you get in this plan?

Microchipping is a rice grain size painless applicator that is implanted in the skin of your pet to provide a secured permanent identification.

It requires no battery and no power.

Note: It is NOT a GPS tracking device.

The plan also covers parasite control for Fleas and ticks and more.

Anti Tick Prevention Injections are given to your pet every six months for 360° protection

The DHPP vaccine is a combination vaccine that provides protection against canine distemper (D), infectious hepatitis/adenovirus (H) and parvovirus (P), as well as parainfluenza (P). Vaccines for distemper, infectious hepatitis and parvovirus fall under the ‘core’ category, which means that every dog should be given these, regardless of lifestyle or location.

Vaccination of healthy dogs as an aid is an effective method to prevent the diseases caused by canine coronavirus infection. 

Rabies vaccine is an active immunizing agent used to prevent infection caused by the rabies virus. Should be given once in a year for Dogs, Cats and other Omini/carnivorous animals.

Two boosters shots should be given to Puppies 

-6-7 weeks and 

9-10 weeks


Deworming is an important preventative care regime for reducing parasites (internal and external) and improving your pet’s health.

You should book appointments for this every quarter(every 90 days).

Your pet’s pee and poop can be a great source of

information about parasite infestations and other


Vet consultation helps you get a thorough examination of your pet’s health from head to tail.

Vet consultation helps you get a thorough examination of your pet’s health from head to tail.

Covers monthly bathing, ear cleaning, anal gland

cleaning, nail clipping and annual dental scaling

Profile 1(CBC, LFT, KFT, GLUCOSE)-Once in year.

These tests are very important to determine any underlying diseases. Blood tests often are the first steps towards the treatment. Blood tests (CBC, LFT, KFT, GLUCOSE)