Basil Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Dogs, 500 ml


Basil Anti dandruff anti-itch shampoo for dogs is an exceptional skin care product containing cleansing agents as well as basil oil to eliminate all dirt and residue. It not only keeps the pet dandruff and itch free but also provides a fresh, bright and lustrous coat to your dog.

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2 reviews for Basil Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Dogs, 500 ml

  1. sumitty tiwari

    Because its PH level is balanced, this product is very gentle on my pet’s skin. It also contains active ingredients that effectively remove dandruff. If your pet has sensitive skin, you must purchase this product.

  2. Eva Gupta

    I use this on my Golden Pom’s hair, and it has softened and smells wonderful. Nice shampoo for pets, but I recommend consulting a veterinarian before using any product.

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