Basil No Tick Shampoo For Dogs, 500 ml


Basil No ticks is an exceptional skin care product for pets containing cleaning agents and basil oil that eliminate all dirt and residue. Basil No ticks keeps your pet allergy, dryness and itch-free and also contains natural pet repelling oils which provide effective tick protection.

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2 reviews for Basil No Tick Shampoo For Dogs, 500 ml

  1. govind mehta

    As a result, you’ll have a clean, tick-free furry friend who you’ll want to cuddle with all day! I’m pleased with the product…very it’s effective and has a pleasant scent. A pH-balanced formulation that cleans your pet’s fur without causing irritation.

  2. Vanshita Jindal

    This shampoo was purchased for my pet. This shampoo is fantastic. It smells good, and the smell lingers on our furry friends for at least 5-7 days. It has a lot of lather and probably tastes good because my golden boy mlems a lot during the bath!

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