ET-LIV Forte Supplements for Dogs, 100 ml


ET Liv Forte from Neo Kumfurt is prescribed for hepatic lipidosis, cirrhosis & lepto spirosis toxicities from NSAIDS, hepatic firbrosis and cholangioheptitis. It guards hepatic cells against destruction and promotes the revitalization and recovery of damaged cells. ET Liv Forte also protects cells from oxidative stress. It may help in increasing the synthesis of hepatocytes (important liver cells) thereby contributing to the regeneration of the liver.

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Dear patrons, although we have done our best to bring the most accurate information to you about all of our medicinal and supplemental products, we do not take responsibility for any misinformation or misuse of the products on behalf of the customer. We urge you to first contact your veterinarian for proper advice before administration of any product to your pet. After all, your pet’s health takes precedence in our business regime.

2 reviews for ET-LIV Forte Supplements for Dogs, 100 ml

  1. Akhil

    Encourages the revitalization and recovery of damaged cells….. It shielded my dog’s cells from oxidative stress………..Aids in the moment bile acids……….. I’m very happy and satisfied with the results. Thank you pawxie for your promptness and excellent service.

  2. Rinku Khetani

    promotes the recovery and regrowth of damaged cells. It protected my dog’s cells from oxidative stress and counteracted the effects of bile acids. I’m overjoyed and content with the outcomes. We appreciate your promptness and top-notch service, Pawxie.

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