Fecal Deterrent 30 Tablets From Vetina


Fecal Deterrent tablet from Vetina is a safe composition which is prescribed to relieve the pets from nasty and dangerous habit of Coprophagia. It helps in the management of coprophagia due to lack of attention, deficiencies, frustration, habit, guilt, disgust, instinct, curiosity and boredom etc. Fecal deterrent tablet imparts forbidden taste to excrement.

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1 review for Fecal Deterrent 30 Tablets From Vetina

  1. Sonia Rishi

    I’ve been using it for four days now since I received it. So far, there has been a significant improvement, and it appears that the product is functioning properly. However, it is possible that it is too soon to draw any conclusions. If everything goes well, I’ll update the comment.

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