Intas Kiskin Skin Cream 20 g


INTAS Kiskin skin cream is ideal for dogs that are suffering from fungal & yeast infection. As an antifungal agent, it interferes with fungi growth by weakening cell membrane formation. KisKin cream is used to treat certain fungal and yeast infections of the skin. KisKin is soft and gentle on the dog’s skin while inhibiting the fungal growth within no time. It also helps neutralize ringworm and other yeast infections.

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Dear patrons, although we have done our best to bring the most accurate information to you about all of our medicinal and supplemental products, we do not take responsibility for any misinformation or misuse of the products on behalf of the customer. We urge you to first contact your veterinarian for proper advice before administration of any product to your pet. After all, your pet’s health takes precedence in our business regime.

1 review for Intas Kiskin Skin Cream 20 g

  1. Amit Mishra

    The cream begins to work immediately after the first spray…my dog is recovering quickly and is not itchy… My dog receives immediate relief. Thank you, seller, for such a wonderful cream…

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