Intas Kiskin Skin Lotion 100 ml


KisKin Lotion from INTAS is one of the best solutions for the treatment of yeast and fungal skin infections. It kills sensitive fungi on skin and is easy to use and apply. It also gives relief from itching and scratching.

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Dear patrons, although we have done our best to bring the most accurate information to you about all of our medicinal and supplemental products, we do not take responsibility for any misinformation or misuse of the products on behalf of the customer. We urge you to first contact your veterinarian for proper advice before administration of any product to your pet. After all, your pet’s health takes precedence in our business regime.

2 reviews for Intas Kiskin Skin Lotion 100 ml

  1. Amit Mishra

    It smells good, it’s made with organic ingredients, it takes time to heal anything, and it’s free of chemicals.

  2. Irohi Singh

    Intas Kiskin Skin lotion smells like wonders i applied it on my bobos! skin and he is feeling good later he was having dry skin and this lotion is very effective for him i loved its scent and thanks for fastest delivery

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