MSD Animal Health Butox Liquid 50 ml


MSD Butox is an active substance used in the treatment of dogs, cats, cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats, and other animals. This is perfect for controlling ticks, mites, lice, and flies in livestock, and in faulty. MSD Butox should only be used when directed by a doctor.

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Dear patrons, although we have done our best to bring the most accurate information to you about all of our medicinal and supplemental products, we do not take responsibility for any misinformation or misuse of the products on behalf of the customer. We urge you to first contact your veterinarian for proper advice before administration of any product to your pet. After all, your pet’s health takes precedence in our business regime.

2 reviews for MSD Animal Health Butox Liquid 50 ml

  1. Rashmi

    The advanced formula penetrates the skin’s oily layer to provide complete coverage of the body and is rainproof to provide flexibility in all conditions. It is a good product overall.

  2. Satish Rana

    Our dog had ticks and fleas that were clearly crawling all over it when we pulled him out of the streets. The flea/tick issue was resolved after using this spray as instructed (on the box) within a couple of days. It was such a relief for both us and our pet that there were no longer any fleas or ticks crawling around. They also seemed gentle enough on our pet’s fur (no hair loss).

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