Sheba Deluxe Premium Wet Cat Food in Jelly, 85g Can

Sheba Deluxe Premium Wet Cat Food is a careful selection of fish mixes ensures that each recipe contains high-quality proteins and moisture. It provides a nutritious meal for cats by using fish as an ingredient. Cats adore this medley of soft and delicate pieces and feel each bite of this meal.


  • Pure Tuna White Meat in Jelly
  • Tuna White Meat and Snapper in Gravy
  • Succulent Chicken Breast in Gravy
  • Tuna Fillet & Whole Prawns in Gravy

Feeding Guidelines

It is important to have a feeding schedule to set your bundle of joy up for a long, healthy and happy life ahead. To make this easy for you, we have devised a feeding guide that will help you determine the amount of food recommended for the age and bodyweight of your dog.

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