Pet Grooming Delhi

Why go pro to groom to your little bud?

Doesn’t he become a devil when you take him to his bath?

We know that when it comes to your pup, it’s hard for you to entrust him to strangers and other than his medical needs, you want to take care of all his other daily needs yourself. Many pup owners are just like you. But with the current busy lifestyle, it is hard to find the time and energy to take care of all his necessities alone.

Most owners also find it hard to handle their dogs’ excited behavior while grooming. A lot of care and patience goes into grooming a dog, more so for little puppies, hairy dogs or those with behavioral issues.

So, today we’ll help you explore the benefits of switching to professional grooming.

Practiced hands and professional tools

From electric clippers, slicker or pin brush and grooming wipes to various kinds of shampoos separately for sensitive skin, fleas or skin allergies, mat cleaners or ear cleaners and even treat dispensers, professional groomers have it all!

Professional groomers are not only specially trained to groom specific breeds using different techniques, they also have skills to calm him down as well as make the process enjoyable for him. Their attention to detail and long-term training along with everyday practiced hands makes them the right choice to have your bud looking at his best!

They’re worth the cost!

For everybody who has ever had professional grooming done for their pet, they know that a professional grooming is a detailed session including not only brushing, bathing, trimming and combing but also shaving wherever required, cleaning the dog’s ears, teeth and checking for signs of any infestation, infection, allergy, as well as any bumps or lumps.

In many cases, since a disease only exhibits itself after it has progressed to a higher stage, professionals might catch a disease before the dog parent even realizes any change in their pet’s body and behavior.

So, for the sake of his health and of course his handsomeness, isn’t it all worth the money and the trouble you go through to take your buddy to the shop?

At-home grooming can cause harm too

The villains of his health are closer to you. May it be unclean soap, drain, bathroom floor or the slippery floor – a cause of injury. Lack of tools, non-adjustable table, blunt tools, hot air from the dryer and an immature technique – these are all potential ticking bombs that might lead to accidents at any given time, all the more harmful when combined with his excited behavior during the process. 

The most important aspect of at-home grooming you often ignore

Diseases and bugs are lingering closer to your buddy than you might think. Dogs walk on all fours closer to the floor all over the house and outside and barefoot at that. They have a coat that attracts dust, bugs and allergens. They even run all around with their tongue out and mouth open. And your domesticated housed dog is at even bigger risk to all such nuisance. These might cause harm not only to their host dog but to humans around them as well! Hence, grooming at home just doesn’t cut it. For the best of your beloved, he should get professional “deep cleaning” often if not always.

Avoid the unpleasant as well as fussy tasks involved

Yes! We’re talking about cleaning his pee pee and bum bum but not only that, we are also talking about the mud, the skunk and the fleas and the dead bugs stuck on his coat.

As for fussy, don’t all dog owners agree that the knots and matts in his hair are impossible sometimes? Don’t you wanna avoid seeing him with tears, cracks and painful postures?

For he simply deserves the best

Don’t tell us you do not believe in spoiling him to bits because we know how much you wanna cuddle him all the time!

Professional grooming is similar to massage or spa treatment for humans, he’ll surely love all the attention!

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